Sunday, March 3, 2013

IPad Value Drawing

I enjoyed using the Layers Pro app, I found it much easier than using oil pastels. I could blend the colors a lot better using the IPad, and it looked really different and more unique than just drawing with oil pastels. It was also a lot cleaner, and I didn't have to shade, I could just select lighter and darker shades of the same color. I definitely learned what value can do to a shape to make it more realistic. Much like adding the speck of light in an eye with drawing faces drawing with the shape makes it look much more real. Also, putting a horizon and different planes and shadows helps to add more depth. I didn't realize how much depth and definition you could add to art with technology. I hadn't realized how important technology was until now. Especially with the beginning of the photoshopping/spray painting project I realize how large a part technology can be. It can be used for research or to create art using different programs. Technology is definitely very useful and important in creating art.

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