Monday, April 15, 2013

Angry Pancakes Om Nom Nom

For this project, I was following along with the video very carefully. I haven't used photoshop for a long time and I have never used it excessively. I found making the mouth the perfect shape the most difficult. Cutting out the jaws was also very annoying and tedious. I could never select a section and I ended up with marching ants and lines all over my picture! The layers were also very confusing, it makes more sense now to have labeled them... While adding my blueberry spots, I could not remember which layer was which. It also began to slow down, and I could not finish blending all of them into my little pancake piranha monster. But, it was really fun, I liked it none the less. I wish that I had labeled my layers and I will remember to do so next time. But, I believe my spots and eyes make my angry pancake much more unique, and I will probably use photoshop more often in the future to further my skills!

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