Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This print making process was extensive. It was a lot of work and could become tiring and difficult. Researching and drawing was fun, I enjoyed that. But, the tracing over was tedious. I was worried I would screw up the linoleum or cut it wrong. I literally sat there staring at the linoleum frightened of even starting. Then, using the actually tool to cut it was a challenge. I had to have Kelsie help me put in the blades... After I got started it was really easy, I wasn't confused and had thought out exactly what I wanted to do. Then it was time for the actual printmaking... My first print was amazing! That I was super proud of it and noticed I had missed the center by a centimeter but, it was still the perfect amount of ink and no finger prints! *Phew* But, as I continued, I still tried just as hard but I could not get them as good as the first one. It was frustrating and that could be the placebo that caused me to mess up. But, the multicolored prints turned out really well! Those are my favorites, I was able to get a more abstract yet realistic look. I did learn that you need to be careful and art definitely takes time and it is okay to fall behind a bit. I was a lot slower when I was working with the actual ink and brayers. I wish I had done a few more practice prints, but overall I am still happy with the art I produced! I want to take home my linoleum and make a few more prints! I really believe I was successful with my carving and textures and I hope that we will be able to do more textural work and carving in our clay unit!

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